Salsa, Merengue and Bachata classes in Knutsford, Wilmslow, Macclesfield and Altrincham.  All levels of Cuban and Colombian styles.
An easy and enjoyable way to learn the most dynamic, vibrant and sensual dance in the world.
Last update:  October 16 2019

Important News:  Next beginner's courses are starting at the end of October.  Check dates below. 

  1. Mondays in Knutsford at 7:30pm
    Shaw Heath Social Club
    Mobberly Rd, WA16-8JF New Beginner's Course Starting: October 21st 2019 at 7:30pm
  2. Tuesdays in Wilmslow 7:30pm
    The Old dancer
    16 Grove St, SK9-1DR New Beginner's Course Starting: October 22nd 2019 at 7:30pm
  3. Wednesdays in Altrincham at 7:30pm
    Rustic Bar
    41 Stamford New Rd, WA14-1EP New Beginner's Course Starting: October 23rd 2019 at 7:30pm
  4. Thursdays in Macclesfield at 7:30pm
    Revolution Bar
    91 Mill St, SK11-6NN New Beginner's Course Starting: October 24th 2019 at 7:30pm

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Alejandro (Salsa dance instructor)
Salsa in Altricham, Knutsford, Macclesfield

Mob: 07564 87 88 67
Important: Please text, since due to my other commitments, this number is always on silent.

How the Course works

There will be a Free introduction to the course on the following dates of October: 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th  so you can come and check it out without any commitment and see if it is for you. After that, the fee is £7 per person pay as you go for one hour.  Venues and dates may be subject to change, so please text your name and town to get up to date information and avoid disappointment.

The aim of this course is to make you a good social Salsa dancer, and everything we do is with this in mind; a good dancer should be able to dance with any other dancer, that's why we constantly rotate partners learning to adapt to each other and lead or follow from the very first class.   This also means that no partner is required to join the course.

The course runs in a progressive way, from the most basic steps and combinations, to the more complex; which is why after the third week no new beginners can be taken, unless they have previous experience.

Repetition is what builds muscle memory and the only way to guarantee progress; for this reason, every week we repeat what we have learnt in the previous classes before moving on to something new. Repetition is what will make your footwork and combinations beautiful, sleek and with ease. After a couple of weeks, you will find yourself in a comfort zone with those combinations that have been repeated and the challenging part will be the new combinations.  

To keep track of our progress, all the combinations are named in a list called The Curriculum and are displayed in order of difficulty. Being able to perform the first twelve combinations will make you a good social salsa dancer and for those who want to move even further, there is also an improver/intermediate class at 8:30pm in which those first twelve combinations are taken for granted.  Information about all the salsa parties and socials in the North West are shared weekly on my Facebook page Alejandro Playmesalsa

Important note:  As we age, our ability to learn new movements diminishes and this is particularly true when it comes to salsa footwork. The recommended age limit for a complete beginner is 55 years old; however if you have practiced any other dance genres in the past, exceptions are made as dance skills are transferable.  
Of course, there are amazing salsa dancers in their 60s and even 70s, but they have been dancing for a long time. I do not want to discourage you, but to help you choose the right type of dance for you.
If someone in their mid-50s or more who never danced anything and wants to start dancing from absolute zero, the recommended type of dance is modern jive or ceroc as the footwork is easier.  A bespoke Salsa course with a slower pace for complete beginners over the age of 55 is organised once a year; please text 'bespoke' to add you to the next course. 

 Beginner's  Curriculum:

1. Enchufla doble                   5. Prima                               9. Setenta
2. Dile que no                         6. Continuous Turns            10. Setenta Complicado
3. Swap                                  7. Sombrero                          11. Dile que no with Turn
4. Right Turns                       8. Ponle Sabor                      12. Titanic

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    Title 19
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    Title 20
  7. Title 21
    Title 21
  8. Title 22
    Title 22
  9. Title 23
    Title 23
  10. Title 24
    Title 24
  11. Title 25
    Title 25
  12. Title 26
    Title 26
  13. Title 27
    Title 27
  14. Title 28
    Title 28
  15. Title 29
    Title 29
  16. Title 30
    Title 30
  17. Title 31
    Title 31
  18. Title 32
    Title 32
  19. Title 33
    Title 33
  20. Title 34
    Title 34
  21. Title 35
    Title 35
  22. Title 36
    Title 36
  23. Title 37
    Title 37
  24. Title 38
    Title 38
  25. Title 39
    Title 39
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    Title 40
There are no command buttons on these videos. To play or stop:  One ClickTo full screen:  Double Click
To forward, backward and volume use Arrow keys, and  Zero to start again.  Alternatively you can visit my youtube channel by ckicking on the link at the botton of this page.

I have filmed these videos sometimes in my classes and sometimes in parties hosted by others named in the description.  If the video appears as 'unavailable' you can click the YouTube links at the botom of this page to see the full playlist of Salsa videos available.
Practice your footwork with us, with the video on your right (for beginners)
Things to keep in mind:
1.  When we dance Salsa, we are dancing to 8 beats; normaly beginners dance to 6 beats out of 8 pausing in counts 4 and 8.

2.  Leaders always start with the left foot on count one and followers with the right

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This is a selection of upbeat Salsa songs from YouTube
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